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There may only be two members with the same surname, but The Dunwells are very much a band of brothers. Consisting of two siblings, the hardworking duo from Leeds are preparing for the release of their third album, Something in the Water.

Joe Dunwell and his elder brother Dave grew up in a musical household and fondly recall flipping through their dad's Bob Dylan and Beatles records, as well as hearing their mum singing along to Motown. Bassist Rob Clayton has been Dave's best friend since childhood - in fact it was the Dunwell brothers' dad who taught Rob how to play bass.

The Dunwells' songwriting has grown over the years, enriched by extensive US and UK touring. From their debut album Blind Sighted Faith through to their latest UK and US tour in February and March of 2018, the band have been developing an audience from their impressive live stage show. In between they released the triumphant album Light Up the Sky, an album influenced from a spell in the US.

"There were so many euphoric moments on tour, and we've tried to capture those feelings in the new songs", said Dave. Those memorable moments included an appearance on Late Night With Jay Leno and performances at Lollapalooza, Austin City Limits Fest and the Bonnaroo Festival, as well as later supporting Bryan Adams on his UK stadium tour in Summer 2017 and showcases at SXSW and a number of sold out shows across the UK at the start of 2018.

Something in the Water is due for release in September 2019. They go on a full band tour to promote the singles taken from the album in May with more dates expected to released in support of the album. Joe said of the new music, "This time when we started recording, it came together very quickly as we used our own recording studio here in Leeds to produce the whole record. We did this over the course of two months. The reality is that the songs for this album were taken from a much larger collection of music that we have written over the last three years.

"We knew we were ready to make this album when we finally sat down and listened to all the songs that we created over the three years. We discovered that we had not only grown as writers and musicians but, most importantly, as people".

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